back in the throes

he hath wrought this.

it begins anew.  at last, a repository for the things we cannot say.  a way for us to leave corporeal form and be every where at once.  ascension. apotheosis. aabaraki in the sky.

in just a few hours — we’ll be flying away from Brooklyn to the luscious climes of St. Barths.  And there, we’ll be alchemizing the last bits of precious metal for our upcoming EP.  fear not, though.  for we will be in constant contact.  here is the place for videos, tracks, monologues, photos.  here is the HQ and epicenter.  here is where we will break the very ground and plumb the great deep.

if you are courageous, follow.


About aabaraki

forged from the four corners of brooklyn... The Aa, the Ba, the Ra, and the Ki combine to wreck havoc on your aural impulses... Men want to be them, women want to be with them, and nothing can satiate them... reduction. stutter. funk. reducing the music to its bare essentials, deconstructing each facet, till it is but a dull and throbbing shell of its former self. they are aabaraki.
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