the prodigal band returns!

What is up, Stutter-Funkers?!

its about that time for us to lay something down for the city that never sleeps.  been a good long while (nearly 2 months!) since we last played for the home crowd and so we’re looking forward to this coming Thursday night (12.2) at Bar 4 in Brooklyn — when we’re going to be mixing it the borough that brought us into being.

Thursday is the night. 930p is the time. Bar 4 (444 7th Avenue) is the place.  and aabaraki is the sound.

we have every intention of rending the aether from incorporeal medium to saturated heavy cathexis.  we’ve got a new brand-spanking new song to premiere as well as a few jawns that’ve been collecting dust this past year but got a little time to shine while were were away.

in short, it will be a strange, funky, and diverse set.  reduction-stutter-funk to the very first molecular disturbance.  if you’re in town, please join us.  many of you, we’ve not seen in SOME time.  this is a chance to renew that old feeling.

and we will see you there.


About aabaraki

forged from the four corners of brooklyn... The Aa, the Ba, the Ra, and the Ki combine to wreck havoc on your aural impulses... Men want to be them, women want to be with them, and nothing can satiate them... reduction. stutter. funk. reducing the music to its bare essentials, deconstructing each facet, till it is but a dull and throbbing shell of its former self. they are aabaraki.
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