Aabaraki in Brooklyn. (wonce again)

friends. romans. countrymen.

Welcome to the beginning of Spring! Its a brand new season for the music of Aabaraki. Its been a minute since the Rockwood 2 show in February. We dearly thank all of you who came out to support us as we played after Emily King’s amazing band last month. We took the month of March to really get our heads around the album release, shooting videos, and organizing some tours for later in the year. That stuff is really starting cook now, but we miss playing. As such, we’re beginning a season of constant stutter-funkery ASAP.

And the first night is going to be this Thursday March 31st at Bar 4 [444 7th Avenue] in Park Slope at 10pm. We’re bringing back to the borough we were spawned from for one night of unrelenting music. On before, at 9, will be the wonderful Natalie John returned from a recent romp around the world and with quartet and beautiful music. We’ll be trying out some new material and also some rarely heard songs that have been around for a while. Come check us out in our natural habitat.

We’ll have our hair down.


About aabaraki

forged from the four corners of brooklyn... The Aa, the Ba, the Ra, and the Ki combine to wreck havoc on your aural impulses... Men want to be them, women want to be with them, and nothing can satiate them... reduction. stutter. funk. reducing the music to its bare essentials, deconstructing each facet, till it is but a dull and throbbing shell of its former self. they are aabaraki.
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