thanks for coming out!

we just want to thank everyone who made it out to the Rockwood gig this Wednesday.  We really had a nice-size audience and it felt good playing for a receptive crowd.  a lot of good comes from people getting together and enjoying each other company and music.  With Arthur Lewis and Emily King and Nigel Hall and the Waking Lights — its was just a brilliant line up to be part of.

right now we’re looking forward to March.  We’ve got a late-night photoshoot going on in Brooklyn and we’re hoping to finalize our album art for the EP.  That means there will likely be a CD release party happening sometime in the near future.  And in the meantime, we’re writing new songs besides!

the year is really starting off right for aabaraki…

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Rockwood Stage II [ Wed 2/23 at 1030p ]

excitement abounds!

just as the temperatures begin to rise here and the city is finally starting to thaw, it feels like 2011 is really beginning.  The birds are singing, the cow are lowing — its a beautiful day in Brooklyn.  And yet all we can think about is next week, Wednesday, when we take the stage with two of our favorite friends and musicians at Rockwood Stage II.

This coming Wednesday, we’ll be sharing a bill with Mr. Arthur Lewis [] and the illustrious Ms. Emily King [].  It will be a night of simply delicious music all around.  Arthur & The Geniuses at 7pm (and if you look closely, you might recognize some of the folks in his band) and Emily et al will be the locus of the night’s centripetal force at 915.

at 1030, yours truly.  with some special guests.  some songs many of you have never heard.  and all the music you can hold with two hands.

its going to be live!



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hey all

thanks to everyone who came out to support the band last Friday.  We had a blast and Rockwood was packed and it was steamy and balmy and hot and funky.  Everything an Aabaraki show should be!

also want to give a shout out to reviewer Ace of for checking out the band and posting a real, real nice review to the site.  They took some awesome photos, too.

Check out the review here.

…in other news, we’re all gearing up for a photoshoot next monday at The Gallery (where we recorded the EP).  Akie is very proud of his new preposterously large glasses, Ari has been working on his Tarantino impression, and Aaron has been running through his Robot moves (he is blackData, after all).  The General, Brian, is going to lead the troops to certain victory.  It has been said, many times (and often by Brian) that they don’t call him the General for nothing.

and the next gig is only a few weeks away, people!  we’ll be back at Rockwood only this time: we’ll be at Stage 2.  Going on right after the illustrious Emily King and her band.  And we’re going to pull all the stops.  Every single stop we can find.  We’d love to pack that joint and have funky dropping hot from the rafters.  So put February 23rd down in your calendars and reserve THAT thursday night for your most hardest of getting downs.

and with that: back to the grind.


stay up, Stutter-funkers.

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yours truly, on

in the run up to tomorrow’s gig, we just got a pretty awesome write-up on  — and we’re pretty damned excited.  not just about the piece, but about the show.  this should be one of the hippest aabaraki shows to come.  and its really on the start.  if we have any say in the matter, 2011 is going to a reduction.stutter.funk bonanza from start to finish.

we’ve locked in a GREAT photographer to take some shots of us in the next couple of weeks and we’ve got a visual artist who is probably going to start making art of the record soon.  been reached out to by a bunch of talented filmmakers who are interested in making videos after having heard our music.  moves are being made, people!  now’s the time to sign up with the aabaraki corps.

and you can do that by showing up and getting down at 10:oopm tomorrow night at Rockwood Music Hall — when we play our first show of the new year.


word up.

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Aabaraki Plays Again



in just over a week’s time we’ll be playing our first gig of the new year.  there is no question in our minds that 2011 is gonna be a year of great music, insane adventure, and inane hijinks.  we’re excited to try out some new things (always growing, always changing) and get things started off right.  so put on your best duds, grab a partner, and find us next Friday at Rockwood.  You make the scene; we’ll make the music.

aabaraki Live!

Rockwood Music Hall

[199 Allen Street ]

Jan 28th, 2011


(no cover)

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GIG ALERT!!!! December 30th. Rockwood Music Hall. 11PM.


hope your holidays are going smoothly.  or insanely — whatever you greatest desire may be. looking down at the end of the barrel of the gun of 2010, we though it might be prudent to do just one more show before the numbers tick over.  we do hope that, despite all the ice and snow and cold that has been crippling the East Coast these past couple of days, that you’ll be able to make it out.  2011 is going to full of bigger and better things for the entity that is called reduction.stutter.funk and we only move forward by the grace of your support.

so, if you’re free Thursday night, come check us out at Rockwood Music Hall (199 Allen St) in manhattan.  from 11pm to midnight.  its not quite New Years Eve — but its pretty damned close.  bring a friend, bring a relative, or just bring your ever-ready ears.

comes the down-beat — we’re going to make it new all over again.

makin' it new.

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the prodigal band returns!

What is up, Stutter-Funkers?!

its about that time for us to lay something down for the city that never sleeps.  been a good long while (nearly 2 months!) since we last played for the home crowd and so we’re looking forward to this coming Thursday night (12.2) at Bar 4 in Brooklyn — when we’re going to be mixing it the borough that brought us into being.

Thursday is the night. 930p is the time. Bar 4 (444 7th Avenue) is the place.  and aabaraki is the sound.

we have every intention of rending the aether from incorporeal medium to saturated heavy cathexis.  we’ve got a new brand-spanking new song to premiere as well as a few jawns that’ve been collecting dust this past year but got a little time to shine while were were away.

in short, it will be a strange, funky, and diverse set.  reduction-stutter-funk to the very first molecular disturbance.  if you’re in town, please join us.  many of you, we’ve not seen in SOME time.  this is a chance to renew that old feeling.

and we will see you there.

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